About Us

Ganesh Networking Inc. was created to assist organizations to make better decisions.

As "The Remover of Obstacles" we come in to review and assess the current environment, as well as, interact with key members of the organization to determine problems and provide recommendations. Ganesh Networking Inc. has industry experience since 1993. By offering vast knowledge and broad range of services, our goal is to improve and ensure client satisfaction in uncertain times.

The IT industry has the potential of becoming greater than can imagine. For that reason, we see this as an opportunity to show everyone that rather than imagining where this industry will take you, Ganesh Networking Inc. will be there to turn your imagination into reality.

  • Network Consulting
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Design
  • Network Implementation
  • Voice/Data Integration
  • VoIP System Design
  • VoIP Implementation
  • VoIP Support

Core Services

  • Networking
  • VoIP
  • Offsite Backup Storage
  • E-Commerce